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Hi there! My name is Bea, I’m from Madrid, Spain, although my home is now in Milton Keynes, where I’ve created my family.


I’ve held a camera in my hands for as long as I can remember. I've always felt the urge to capture every event in my life. I still remember with fondness the excitement and anticipation every time I was waiting for my camera roll to be developed. I recall my friends calling me "the photographer of the gang", so I guess becoming a photographer was just meant to be.

However, it wasn't until I became a mum when I decided to follow this dream - Ever since my first kid was born my love for photography has just grown, and I’ve become incredibly passionate about newborn photography.


My 2 amazing kids have been my inspiration for creating Moonlion Studio, and so it's named after them: "Moon-" for Luna and "-lion" for Leo.


What Clients Say

Newborn Photographer in Milton Keynes. Moonlion Studio

Kirsten G.

We are completely overwhelmed by the photos of our little girl. We had a sitter session with Beatriz for our 7 month old baby, the whole experience was completely relaxed, Beatriz is a total professional and kept both our children entertained throughout. She is a natural at encouraging authentic photographs and her work is beautiful. Beatriz has some really original ideas and keen for parents input into what they would like to achieve from the photos taken"

"Capturing little details, creating big memories"


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34 Turneys Drive

MK12 5GY

Milton Keynes


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